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Claudio Monteverdi

Renaissance_16th c

The transition to Baroque (part b)

Claudio Montevrdi (1567-1643)

He was an Italian composer and musician of viola da gamba. His work is considered significantly influential concerning musical style  as it marks the transition from  Renaissance  to  Baroque.  He developed two distinguished styles of composition: Polyphony (renaissance) and basso continuo, a significant technique of the Baroque period.  He composed  one of the first operas surving today  (L'Orfeo), which was an  innovative work and often performed even nowadays. He  was recognized as a composer  those times and  he was well known during his lifetime. He composed nine books of madrigals, church music and operas. His contribution to the evolution  of  opera is considered very important.
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Monteverdi: Il Primo Libro de Madrigali
                                                                       Monteverdi - Beatus Vir

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